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How many families in Syria have been torn & fragmented. Widowed women who have lost their husbands, husbands who have lost their wives, orphaned children who have lost their parents & parents who have lost their children. Friends who have had to bid goodbye to their close friends. Everyone in Syria either has had or knows of someone who has died. Everyone has or knows someone who is injured. Everyone has or knows someone who is in assad’s prisons. The pain can be felt by more than 20 million Syrians!


Ahlus Sunnah of Iran are Bleeding…

There is almost no Muslim today who is completely oblivious to the acts of oppression and injustice directed daily towards his/her brothers and sisters in various parts of the world. The heartfelt cries of the Ummah . the names of Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Kashmir and Syria constantly. Who hasn’t shed a tear, emptied their pockets or cried out to their Lord in the depths of the night for the oppressed in these nations alhamdulillah?

However, there is one part of the world where the cries of our brothers and sisters have gone near enough completely unheard. So great is this cover up that most Muslims do not even believe any of our brethrin even live there let alone of the situation they face. Who are they you ask? They are none other than our brothers and sisters of Ahlus-Sunnah in the Majoosi/Safavid/Rafidhi state of Iran. In the midst of false acts of bravery and bravado, this nation of truth concealers had managed to fool a large swathe of naive Muslims into glorifying their self fashioned image of a Robin Hood type nation, standing up to oppressive imperialists and speaking on behalf of a downtrodden Ummah. When in reality they are in bed together with the same oppressors they outwardly claim to oppose, working for their own vested interests as the recent crisis in Syria has exposed.

Alhamdulillah much has been written and spoken about the situation of Iranian Sunnis by the Iranian Sunni Scholar currently living in exile in London, Sheikh Abu Muntasir Al-Balushi (hafidhahullah). I feel it is extremely important to bring attention to our forgotten brothers and sisters in this part of the world who have literally been pushed to the outer boundaries of the nation of Iran when in fact they themselves were it’s original inhabitants. Islam has had a long history in this area since the days of Umar bin Al Khattab (ra) who brought the people of this land out of the darkness of the fire worshipping Zoroastrian/Magian religion to the light of Tawheed. Indeed this land has produced some of Islam’s finest scholars, Imams Muslim, Tirmidhi, Nisaa’i, Abu Dawud and Abu Hanifa were all either Persians or of Persian ancestry. This is before we even mention the noble companion of the Prophet (saw) Salman Al-Farsi (ra), upon who’s suggestion the Prophet (saw) ordered the trench to be built around Madinah in defence of the city for the Battle of Al-Ahzaab. Surely we can see why Imam Bukhari has an entire baab, an entire section entitled “Virtues of the People of Persia” in his monumental compilation of ahadeeth, Saheeh Al-Bukhari.

So now, what of the situation today?

It is extremely important that, in the current political climate where emotions are running high, we must look much deeper into the issue of Iran and the truth behind it’s majority inhabitants. Today many weak minded ill-informed muslims are calling for “brotherhood” and reconciliation between the Muslims and the Rafidah. Hizbollah is seen as just that and many prominent du’aat are even suggesting that such “petty” differences be put aside and that we unite for the “greater good”. Prominent scholars such as Sheikh Ibn Jibreen were ridiculed for prohibiting support for and funds to be sent to Hizbollah and other Rafidhi groups during the Israeli conflict that took place recently. Praise is being heaped upon major Rafidhi figures and figureheads for their so-called resistance to western policies and pressures. Even many of our own so called imams preach in their khutbahs that the difference between Sunni and Shi’a is nothing except like the differences found between the four madhaahib. And now, only now when their true intents have been exposed, shown clearly through their open support for the Syrian ‘Alawi shi’ite regime of Bashaar Al-Assad, have many begun to awake to this menace, when if only they had read history and seen the treachery of these people from ages gone past would they have seen that this behaviour is nothing new. A nation who allied with the crusaders, who allied with the mongols and allowed them near enough destroy the muslim nation at the time, the ones whom Salahuddin Ayyubi decided he must take down first before any conquests can be carried out in the holy lands.

Therefore it is imperative that the true nature of Iran, the state of Khameini (the current Supreme “Overlord” if you like) be made apparent for the benefit of the Muslims. Firstly so’s that they become aware of what it’s true intentions are, especially for example in understanding their resistance towards Israel and the aid given to Palestine. And secondly so that we are made known of and can make others aware of the horrendous oppression, torture, killing and coercion that our brothers and sisters of Ahlus-Sunnah face at the hands of the Rafidah. They have been unbelievably successful in hiding the situation there firstly due to their lying and deceitful nature which is a cornerstone of their religion, and secondly due to the ignorance of the common Muslims themselves today. The Iranian intelligence services have ruthlessly tracked down and assasinated many prominent Sunni scholars and ordinary people alike for many years now at the behest of the bloodthirsty Ayatullat wal-‘Uzza Al-Khameini. Many schools, masaajid and institutions which had been in place before even the time of the Shah by the Sunnis have now either been razed to the ground or shut down under immense pressure from the Safavid government.

The city of Tehran has over seventy churches, synagogues, temples and other places of worship. Yet you will not find even one Sunni masjid, this is a fact. The fire worshipping Magian, Abu Lu’lu Al-Majoosi who was the murderer of Umar ibn Al-Khattab (ra) has a huge shrine built around his grave. This mushrik who died as a fire worshipper has his grave now decorated and revered, visited by countless Shi’a every year where they invoke upon him to fulfill their needs, calling him Hazrat even!

This “brotherhood” and “unity” that the Rafidah call for is nothing but a smoke screen, empty words that hide their true actions and intentions. The so called unity they call for is built upon nothing but the blood and bullet riddled bodies of Ahlus-Sunnah in Iran. With one face they call to unite against western oppression, with the other face well…….you’ve read enough. This short article was intended to be an introduction to the issues raised.

Please view these videos for a better understanding of what is happening: (History and background of the persecution) (Short interview with Sheikh Abu Muntasir about Iran and Ahlus-Sunnah there) (An example of the routine executions of Sunnis for spreading Islamic literature and refuting Shi’ite heresies. So much for their call to unity with Sunnis in other countries) (Sunnis banned from holding their Eid prayer in Tehran)

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